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January/February 2007
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Market Monitor

By: Stephen Tanzer

Recent and impending developments affecting the retail wine market:
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2005 and 2004 Rhone Valley Wines

By: Josh Raynolds

Josh Raynolds was nearly overwhelmed with potential cellar treasures on his annual tour of the region, as these two vintages yielded a wealth of excellent to outstanding wines in the North and South. Between the classic, focused 2004s and the richer and more powerful 2005s there will be wines for every taste.
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Joel Payne on Germany 2005

By: Joel B. Payne

While wine quality varied from region to region in 2005, German wine expert Payne reports that perfect Indian summer conditions resulted in stunning wines in the Saar, Mosel and Nahe regions.
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New Releases from California

By: Stephen Tanzer

Some surprisingly vibrant and soil-inflected new pinots and syrahs from California suggest that the trend toward exaggated wines with freakishly high alcohol levels has peaked and that a growing number of winemakers are now actively seeking to avoid the jammy character that makes so many California wines monotonous.
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