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September/October 2010
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Market Monitor

By: Stephen Tanzer

Recent and impending developments affecting the retail wine market
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White Burgundy 2009 and 2008

By: Stephen Tanzer

Once again, two consecutive successful white Burgundy vintages have provided markedly different styles of wine that will appeal to a wide range of collectors. The fleshy 2009s are generally rich, supple, fruit-driven wines that will offer great early pleasure, while the higher-acid 2008s have enough density of material to support their strong minerality, making the better wines from this vintage more accessible than the comparatively strict and austere 2007s. My annual coverage of white Burgundy takes a critical look at the likely stars from both of these intriguing vintages, and also makes it clear which wines I do NOT recommend for extended cellaring.
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Focus on the Tuscan Coast

By: Ian D'Agata

Italian wine expert Ian D’Agata offers an in-depth overview of the exciting Tuscan Coast region. Today that region provides far more than super-premium reds like Sassicaia, Ornellaia and Solaia: there’s a steadily growing number of fresh white wines made from local varieties as well as juicy and much less expensive reds that are quite food-flexible, including promising newcomers made from syrah and cabernet franc. D’Agata’s article delivers a crash course in this dynamic region and opens up a range of new wine flavors for enophiles seeking out new and distinctive wines.
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The Best New Wines from Spain, Part 1

By: Josh Raynolds

Once again, the flood of new wines from Spain has required coverage in two installments this year. According to Josh Raynolds, as sales of high-end Spanish wines have ground to a halt, demand for the country’s under-$15 bottles continues to be robust, as Spain remains one of the wine world’s greatest sources of value. Raynolds has tracked down dozens of inexpensive outperformers in bracing shellfish-friendly whites as well as lighter-bodied, easier-to-drink reds than in the past. But he has also highlighted both classic and modern-style Rioja and Ribera del Duero wines at prices that suddenly look affordable again. His major overview of new releases from Spain, with many more standouts to be included in the next issue, proves the point that no country can match Spain for value today.
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New Zealand Sauvignon and Pinot

By: Stephen Tanzer

New Zealand sauvignon blanc is a no-brainer for consumers looking for brisk, food-flexible white wines at moderate prices. In the past year, producers, importers and distributors have pared their margins to make some of these wines even more compelling deals. The same can be said about New Zealand’s increasingly complex pinot noirs, more of which can be purchased for under $30 than ever before.
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