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March/April 2011
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Market Monitor

By: Stephen Tanzer

Recent and impending developments affecting the retail wine market.
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2008 Red Burgundies

By: Stephen Tanzer

The better 2008 red Burgundies are wonderfully perfumed wines with convincing soil characteristic and outstanding energy.  Long-time Burgundy aficionados may well prefer the style of these wines to the riper, fleshier 2009s, and the '08s are also significantly less expensive.
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New Releases from Southern Italy

By: Ian D'Agata

Although some of the top wines from southern Italy have escalated in price in recent years, this large production area remains a rich hunting ground for cosmopolitan wine lovers in search of distinctive wines at affordable prices. In his in-depth report on these wines, Ian D'Agata highlights some stunning bargains and identifies a number of southern Italy's emerging stars.
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2009 and 2008 Chateauneuf du Pape

By: Josh Raynolds

Josh Raynolds reports that the 2009s boast many of the same traits as the utterly seductive 2007s while avoiding the often freakish ripeness of the earlier vintage. The typical 2009, Raynolds notes, trades some thickness and weight for a firmer spine of acids and tannins. His annual coverage of Chateauneuf du Pape also features notes on the best examples from the trickier 2008 vintage, which he describes as surprisingly good, fresh wines for enjoying in the medium term.
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Focus on South Africa

By: Stephen Tanzer

South Africa fields an all-star team of grape varieties, red and white, with wines that will appeal to Europhiles and New World wine-lovers alike.  My extensive tastings in recent weeks turned up a host of bottles that would be good values at twice the price.
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