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March/April 2012
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2009 Red Burgundies

By: Stephen Tanzer

Purists who are holding out for the more classic 2010s will miss a great deal of pleasure from the ripe, fleshy 2009 red Burgundies, a set of wines that offer considerable early appeal and may never shut down in bottle.  If you enjoyed past ripe, sexy vintages like 1989 and 1985, you'll love the '09s.
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2010 and 2009 Northern Rhone Wines

By: Josh Raynolds

Josh Raynolds reports that the northern Rhone Valley has been on a hot streak of late, with the 2010 harvest having yielded wines that offer a rare combination of richness and vivacity.  But it was a short crop owing to poor weather during the flowering.  The larger-scaled, weightier 2009s have also attracted a rabid following, with the result that the best northern Rhone wines are harder to find on retail shelves in the U.S. than ever before.
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New Releases from Argentina

By: Stephen Tanzer

With the prices of Bordeaux, Burgundies and top Napa Valley reds spiraling ever higher, Argentina continues to offer outstanding value in full-flavored red wines for everyday drinking.  Favorable weather conditions in recent growing seasons have flooded the market with ripe and satisfying malbecs, but don't miss Argentina's cabernet sauvignons, which are in the process of emerging from malbec's giant shadow.
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The Red Wines of Northeast Italy

By: Ian D'Agata

Northeast Italy produces that country's finest white wines, but this relatively cool area is also the source of many distinctive red wines.  In his in-depth report, Ian D'Agata singles out the best current releases, covering everything from lighter Valpolicellas to head-spinning Amarones.

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