Rating System

Wines are scored relative to their peer group based on their expected quality during their period of peak drinkability.

A "+" after a score denotes a wine that is likely to merit a higher rating in the future.

All wines rated 90 or better are highly recommended additions to your cellar (or, where indicated, for drinking over the near term); wines rated at least 85 are recommended bottles that should provide pleasurable drinking.

Precise scores are provided only for wines in bottle; ranges are offered for unfinished wines.

The midpoint of a range is used for purposes of sorting. For example, a wine with a rating of 87-90 is sorted as though it had a precise score of 88.5.

95-100 Extraordinary
90-94 Outstanding
85-89 Very Good to Excellent
80-84 Good
75-79 Average
70-74 Below Average
<70 Avoid
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