2001 Caymus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Special Selection Napa Valley

2001 Caymus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Special Selection Napa Valley

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caymus special selection 2001

After visiting the Old World Bordeaux Chateaus ( Margaux and nearby neighbors) various times, Caymus delivers a blow to the Appelation Controlee. This bold red is far superior to any other old world I've ever tasted. I reccomend this to anyone in Vino Veritas. Bill C- Miami

Big Boy

Man, this mother is big. It is absolutely a monster. It will take a big portherhouse to 'rastle this baby. I loved this wine and unfortunately only 1 left in my stash. See WS for details. I bought it in PA for $67. Of course it sold out in days. Have not tried the 2002, but it is on the shelf in PA.

Ratso222 No You Didn't

Ratso222 you must have purchased the regular Caymus not the Special Selection. The regular retails in the $60's. The 2001 Special is fabulous. Not quite as good as the '99 but you will love it. Very smooth and opulant. Loads of plum/prunes.


This is an excellent wine, but it's highly overrated.

For a Caymus, not a great finish

I've had the pleasure of tasting more than my share of Caymus. This wine is usually powerful from start to finish, but something is missing in the 2001. I bought a case, and just to make sure, had the Special Selection in a couple of restaurants. All ended up the same. Great start, disappointing finish

About Caymus Vineyards

Napa Valley 2001

An excellent vintage with deep, concentrated, well-structured wines, especially in Napa Valley. A dry winter and a warm, dry spring got things off to a quick start, but in April a bad frost (the worst in 30 years) hit Northern California hard. Fruit set was damaged and yields were clipped from the get-go.

The dry winter conditions that continued into March and April, combined with a significant heat spike in March, got the vines moving early. But the risk of frost damage hovered, and indeed a cold spell lasting up to 10 days resulted in the worst frost in 20 years, with temperatures regularly lower than 30°F in early April. In the Central Valley, a few overnight temperatures went into the mid 20°s. The result was crop size reduced by 20% in some varieties.

The cold snap was followed by the hottest May on record, and it continued with what proved to be the third hottest June on record. This kept the harvest looking like it would be on the early side, and the vines were about two to three weeks ahead of schedule.

But the frost took its toll, and even with significant new planting coming online the harvest would still end up short. Yet the silver lining was that the small crop would reach superb levels of concentration and the wines would show in their depth, richness, and structure. After such a crazy start, growers were relieved when July, August, and September turned out to be pretty uneventful, and conditions remained favorable through the end of harvest. Growers had the luxury of waiting to pick at optimum ripeness, and the result was a solid but small crop of superb wines.

Key Dates

Late bud break, 10 days earlier than normal

The worst frost in 30 years

Set heat records

Cool and foggy weather

Warm and dry

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