2007 Xavier Vignon Chateauneuf Du Pape Cuvee Anonyme

2007 Xavier Vignon Chateauneuf Du Pape Cuvee Anonyme

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Great CDP

I brought this up from the cellar at about 55 degrees, opened and poured, so it was a little cold and took some time to open. Once it did, I think the Parker review is right on. The wine is just wonderful; rich, full, lush, elegant and with excellent acidity. I don't see how a CDP can be a lot better than this. 7/28/17: Haven't had one of these in some time, so I just drank this because I could. It is fully developed now and is just beautiful. Rich, full and still very fresh. It has a lot of life ahead of it! The QPR is very high on this one! just got better and better as the night went on. I believe this has at least another 10 years ahead of it. Unfortunately, I probably don't!

I think this wine was fabulous.

Pleasant surprise

I wish I had purchased more bottles of this wine. It is wonderfully balanced with an extremely pleasant nose. I am very happy to drink by itself. A real delight.

Ordered a case, which I received on June 16. Let sit in a 56 degree wine refrigerator and opened today. Cork seemed dry and did not come out smoothly; a precursor of what was to follow. Did not decant. Wine tasted worse than a bottle of Trader Joe's two buck chuck. Hopefully this was one bad bottle and others will be better; time will tell.

I have wino friends who love the style of French wines. They found this to be just delightful, luscious and full bodied, very friendly and easy to pair with lots of gourmet dishes. I agree.

Ready already

Took a chance and opened one early (Feb 13) and was surprised to find it already near peak (or near enough to peak for my unprofessional tasting standards). Magnificent.

For once the French got it right!

Absolutely fabulous wine. It's going to be hard to let this one age as it tastes so smooth right now.


This is a dark, unctuous, nearly sweet wine that tastes of underbrush (fresh mulch?), licorice, blackberries, black currants, and other dark fruits. The wine is so well-balanced, one cannot tell that the alcohol level is15% . Moreover, unlike most 2007 CdP wines, it is not excessively fruit forward. I can see this wine improving over the next 5-15 years. It is the single best buy in 2007 Rhone wines.

Full Body Chat-du-Pape

Full body and pleasant. Seems ready to drink now.

4 stars + now and getting better

every bottle of this makes me smile at the value of patience and the low price relative to how it is drinking now

Lives up to hype

Decant for 1 hr and very good with prime rib. opened up over the evening and became fabulous. Licorice, blackberry, garrigue but not overpowering. Not sorry I spent $60

Good, but I actually liked his regular CDP better

I found this perhaps too modern in style, with the oak now overpowering the fruit a bit. It's hard to imagine this improving with more time, given the softness of the fruit. I wish I had been able to drink this 3 years ago.

Tough call - but a great wine

Until now, I've held off trying the '07, although I did earlier try (and review) a couple of bottles of the '09 vintage. To my palate, while it's close, the vote would be for the '09 over the '07. Tough to call, but the '07 is not quite as smooth, less complex and lacks the intensity of the finish when compared to the '09. Don't get me wrong, these are both great wines - Xavier Vignon has moved to my favorite list!

Nice wine, but a bit disappointing.

I have only tasted one bottle. Everything was nice, but little to be excited about. My expectations were much higher as I am a long time Rhone fan. The wine Is perhaps going through a down cycle as it ages and will show better later. (Could also be slightly corked -- the type that just robs the fruit) Tasting a glass a night from my Coravin. Will set a glass out in the morning and see if better by night.


All minerality with almost no fruit; austere and lacking richness and depth.

Very dense and highly extracted. Licorice on the pallet. Not for the faint hearted. Definitely not a sipping wine. Steak and mustard with this one!


This one is still deep in slumber, Even after hours in the glass. Took my about 4 once and tucked him back in for a long sleep.

Austere and Disappointing

Drank Aug 2014. Double decanted after the initial taste verified that it was indeed still too young to drink without air. However, even after double decanting and breathing for 2 hours, this CdP...for which I had such high hopes...was extremely disappointing. Medium garnet color with an almost clear ring at the edge and medium forming legs. The nose was muted and subdued, limited primarily to paving stone and garrigue. The attack was all minerality with almost no fruit whatsoever. An extremely underwhelming showing that was surprising in its austerity. There was some complexity in the mid-palate and finish, but they were flavors that neither stood well on their own nor did they compliment our food. Perhaps I am just not a fan of this particular style, but I absolutely love the 2010 Chateau de Beaucastel CdP, so I'm not sure where the disconnect lies. My dinner companion and I were so underwhelmed we poured the remaining 1/2 carafe back into the bottle and tried it again on day 2. There were some differences, notably a new bouquet of sugared cranberry, but the mid palate was still primarily minerals and forest floor. The mouth feel was hardly "unctuous" and quite far from "stunning", as Robert Parker described it, and it did not stand up to our mushroom ravioli or prime burger and fries. Perhaps it is simply not my style, but we both found this quite disappointing considering the rating.

Bottle variation????

Our 2nd bottle of this was much different than the first. Bland, boring, not pleasant to drink at all.

Dead to me

This was a much anticipated uncorking. This wine has been in my cellar for months waiting for the right meal. Decanted for an hour or so, and allowed the wine to continue to open over dinner for another hour. I could not get this wine to show any signs of life. No nose to speak of with no fruit profile, a faint hint of cinnamon and allspice, and a whisper of dried prairie grass. Texture was smooth, thin body, absolutely no fruit whatsoever, and no structure or complexity to this wine at all. I love CdP's but this was the single most disappointing wine I have ever opened. This literally couldn't stand up to a bad box wine. I see the glowing reviews, but this wine didn't deliver on any level. Perhaps it was cooked en route, or it is just shutting down for a long nap because right now it is a weak and flabby wine that is completely closed and dead to me.

Didn't meet my expectations for a Chateauneuf but just okay.

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