2009 Xavier Vignon Chateauneuf Du Pape Cuvee Anonyme

2009 Xavier Vignon Chateauneuf Du Pape Cuvee Anonyme

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96 Points Wine Advocate, 2011
96 Points Wine Advocate, 2010

Customer Ratings

Based on 1285 ratings
Fantastic CDP

We enjoyed a bottle of this with grilled beef and lamb kabobs with Mediterranean seasonings. It was fabulous! Very expressive after about 1.5 hours and just a delight. I have eight left, and I hope to enjoy them over the next few years with various grilled fare. Great wine! 12/10/17: A few of these have disappeared - one or two given to Karl or David - and we had one with a chicken and mushroom dish over rice tonight. There were Rosemary and other herbs present, too, and the wine was really outstanding with this - somewhat counterintuitive for chicken, at least to me, but truly wonderful. This is almost Pinot-like now. Really just wonderful! Somewhat floral late in the game.... Wow!! I just can't describe it. No rough edges at all. I think Henri Grohe got it right - when you think it can't get better, drink it up!


unbelievably great finish to this wine wow how could it be so well priced


Outstanding wine for the price.

Drink now and make notes of future tastings

We actually opened by mistake w/i few days of receiving the wine and it was awesome. Can only anticipate what the other bottles will be like in the future.

Loved it

Just opened it the other day after waiting patiently for the right moment. Purple in color with berries on the nose and graphite, forest floor and sage on the palate. Nice long finish!


Best chateneauneuf In many years

Patience required

It takes about 3 hours to appreciate this cuvee fully. As aeration progresses, the Grenache's bouquet with some discordant notes gradually fades, and Syrah assumes the reins of power. Then the Gargantuan concentration presents its earthy undertones.

Couldn't stop at one bottle!

I held off trying this, wanting to provide more cellar time to a reported great wine. But, with Wine Access then offering more of this vintage and also the '07, I took the plunge - ordering more and opening a bottle. It was outstanding, despite being young it was very smooth - excellent bouquet and a rich finish. Couldn't stop at just one bottle, the second was as good as the first! I'm sure it will only improve with time.

Nice but warm

I just received a case of this and after several days opened my first bottle. The wine is young and had just arrived and to be fair I'd like to reserve judgement but it was rich, full and quite nice for a wine so young. We enjoyed it with roasted grass fed beef. Grenache has a propensity for alcohol and this is where the warmth comes from. That said, I can't wait to open the next bottle.

Cautiously optimistic...

It certainly does take time to enjoy this wine now; aerated and decanted 3 hours before drinking and I think thi sis still maturing. Very silky and enjoyable now but glad I bought a case so I can keep checking over the next several years

Smooth upfront and after you swollow. Great value

With some breathing this is a better alternative to the Reserve VII IX X from the same producer. A bit less alcohol that allows for the really impressive array of tasting notes to come through. A terrific wine to pair with so many beef, pork, poultry,(grilled especially) and some seafood. A winner.

Where's the OWC?

A case of CdP of this caliber should offer an original wood case (OWC) to those of us who bought a full case at one time and would like the OWC for long term storage of this wine. How about offering this option to customers who want the "wood?"

Superior Wine

This is an execellent wine and is surely to get better with age.

Needs time

The write up on this wine was fairly accurate. (at least for me.) At the very least this 2012 is probably young, which may account for the negative comments. Had the fortunate experience many years ago to meet someone who was importing wine from Europe. Having wine from the Rhone area exposed me to the blends they produce. Specifically Chateaunauf. Think this Chehalem is very very nice now, but needs time. Also -- I typically don't drink Pinot !!

Little on the light side, opens up after an hour or so.

Very Average

May as well drink this wine right from the bottle as lacking any distinct character - the wine I tasted upon openning did not develop at all after 2 hours. Perhaps I expected more.

Did not like this wine at all at first. Somewhat better on the 2nd and 3rd nights.

Will have to try this again, but in 2013 it was undrinkable. Best use for my case was to give as dinner gifts to non-discerning friends.


Very strong thick presentation, maybe will mellow on shelf,not ready now

bad bad bad

On my scale of 0=I had to spit it out, this is a 1=I didn't have to spit it out.

gravely disappointing

What a worthless wine. Had I paid 15 dollars for this I would have been disappointed-but $47 I must have been overwhelmed by the fulsome hype over this really rather nondescript wine. It lacks depth, it lacks finish-in short it lacks everything but alcohol--and that I can get for a lot less than the price asked. What was the guru Mr Parker thinking? Who knows? But if he ranks this so highly, I would discount any further wine evaluations from him. My bottom line. Don't buy this. It is an absolute waste of money


shipment came "hot" even with cool box.

The 2009 Anonyme is simply the best wine I've had in years. At once full-bodied and full of flavor, but also completely transparent. Absolutely delicious. Bravo to Xavier for raising the bar yet again.

Three stars

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