Locations I4

Locations I4

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A past Wine Access story about Locations I4

Parker’s Value Winemaker of the Year In Italy

“I still look at Burgundy labels and have to call my father-in-law,” winemaker Dave Phinney admitted in an on-camera interview. For such a devotee of the great wines of the world, starting Locations was partly his way of demystifying wine. But as the creator of the The Prisoner, it was also his way of showing that given his connections to incredible vineyards around the globe, he could produce a snapshot of each “Location” in the best way possible. And it worked. By now, Wine Access clients know Locations like the back of their hand — and can’t wait for more. They’re not alone. The first sumptuous Locations releases caused Robert Parker to declare Phinney his “Value Winemaker of the Year.” Phinney’s Italian bottling — the voluptuous dark-fruited powerhouse Locations I4 — is drawn straight from his Prisoner script, yet with Italian flair. And at just $15.99 per bottle you’ll want to click “Buy” pronto, or risk losing out.

Rarely over the last 30 years has Parker published glowing reviews of bargain red wines in such abundance like those showered on the work of winemaker David Phinney — one of the few American winemakers to earn Wine Spectator Top 100 placements seven times in the last 11 years.

We’re pretty sure that Robert Parker, who asked his Wine Advocate readers: “If there are better wines for under $20 a bottle in the world today, please share that information with The Wine Advocate,” is still looking for an answer... Because, today, the Locations wines are getting better and better. Phinney’s Locations line has proved that impeccable wines can be made, which don’t belong to a specific AOC or DOC, and aren’t from a Premier Cru site, or can boast of being from Tuscany, or Bordeaux specifically.  

“It doesn’t have to be varietal-focused, or from an AOC to be a good wine,” he says. “The non-vintage concept has helped us unlock the spice box,” in his Locations brands he says. “We’re selectively holding back lots to age them and make them part of the spice puzzle. Our goal is to create a style and build on that style and make it better every year.”

He’s done it, and Wine Access clients love Locations. If you haven’t experienced the phenomenal “I” Locations yet, here is your chance. A luscious, high-toned, rich, and wildly aromatic blend of Nero d’Avola, Negroamaro, and Barbera — we think the I4 is Phinney’s finest effort from Italy yet.

— Wine Access Wine Team

Customer Ratings

Based on 131 ratings

Smooth and complex Lovely! Want to buy more!! Great value!

Truly spectacular wine for less than $20. Among the best values around.

Wine is exactly what I exspected from Mr. Phinney & for the $ wished I bought more. Great value to quality wine. Will look for this again.

On par with the F

Great wine, fruit very forward, soft tannins already, long long finish!

Always consistent.

An excellent medium-bodied red wine; the tannins are firm but pleasant. Definitely a wine to let breathe a good 20 minutes before serving.

I was disappointed when you made reference to prisioner wine I was expecting a wine that would something like prisioner. I would not buy it again.

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