Diebolt-Vallois Blanc de Blancs Brut

Diebolt-Vallois Blanc de Blancs Brut

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A past Wine Access story about Diebolt-Vallois Blanc de Blancs Brut

Client Favorite Champagne: 124 x 5-Star Ratings

In Paris, the sommeliers at Michelin-starred Le George V, Le Bristol, Le Pré Catelan, and Le Royal Monceau have adopted Diebolt-Vallois’ Blanc des Blancs Brut NV as their own. In New York City, this blew away the competition at Daniel, Marea, and Le Bernardin, earning a place on the list of each. The Diebolt-Vallois Blanc de Blancs NV, drawn from Grand Cru Chardonnay hillsides above the storied Grand Cru villages of Cuis, Chouilly, and Cramant. It is crafted with precision and exquisite refinement in what many believe to be the one of the Côte des Blancs’ most extraordinary cellars. Awarding it 93 points, Wine & Spirits praised its “supple” texture, while Wine Spectator chimed in with 92 points. But Wine Access clients spoke the loudest: so far 173 happy clients have rated it 4-stars, while 124 have bestowed a perfect 5-star rating. Just 266 bottles for those fast enough…

A quick peek into the estate’s history reveals how an impeccable pedigree of experience has helped us all arrive at the near-unanimous consensus — delicious — on the Diebolt-Vallois Blanc de Blancs. The Vallois half of the family has been cultivating vines in the Côtes des Blancs since the 15th century. The Diebolts arrived in the 19th century. Jacques, the current patriarch, started working the vineyards with his grandfather in the late 1950s. The Diebolts were farmers, but under Jacques’ vision, they ultimately started making their own wines in the auspiciously spectacular 1978 vintage.

We’ve been drinking Diebolt-Vallois Blanc de Blancs as our “anytime” Champagne for years, so we’re just pleased that we’ve found more to offer to our clients, and that so many people seem to agree with our assessment of this sparkler’s stellar quality and value.

- Wine Access Wine Team

Expert Ratings and Reviews

91 Points Wine Spectator, 2011
91 Points Wine Spectator, 2012
90 Points Wine Spectator, 2009
88 Points Wine Spectator, 2009
88 Points Wine Advocate

Customer Ratings

Based on 377 ratings
Beautiful bubbly

10/18/2000 -- I'm going to have to update the DV BdB to 5 stars. After serving this champagne at a recent party (and after drinking a decent bit of other bubblies in recent days), I realized just how awesome this champagne is, particularly at its $30 price point. An endless stream of superfine bubbles and light straw color set the stage for one of the most deliciously elegant champagnes that has ever passed my lips. Bravo! 9/1/2000 -- Just shy of five stars for me, and an awesome value-to-dollar wine when compared to other basic NV champagnes. This is a great example -- dry, crisp, lively and perfectly toasty/fruity with a fine mousse -- of the blanc de blancs style.


This is a very good champaigne, excellent according to my wife. We drink about 1-3 bottles a week of champaigne and this is one of the very best, if not the best. Price has nothing to do with it. It's not a good champaigne for the price. It's a good champaigne. Very crisp, clear, and dry.


Tasted amazing, even with our pizza dinner :)


we want to buy this one by the case.

S Sinclair


Beautiful, crisp and balanced!


Great fine nose of slight yeast and a very fulfilling fine body with acidity, freshness and finesse. Small production from great vineyards with intense flavors.

unexpected surprise

Had to check the price again; it was so good, I thought I'd grabbed a much more expensive bottle.

Excellent sparkler. Tasted in the company of much more expensive Champagnes and still stood out! I'll look forward to the next release.

Very drinkable, excellent value.

Best Producer of Bland de Blanc

Jacques Diebolt grows the best fruit in the Grand Cru of Cramant near Epernay. His Champagne is marked with finesse and delicacy, and is always perfectly balanced. This is hard to find, but well worth the search.


Forget what the experts say about storing it in the fridge and viberations. Get 1 or 2 and put them in the frig. Take one out whenever it is a special occasion. What a nice bubbly. It is sustaining. Make sure you have the right glasses, and you will be rewarded. Move over White Star.

Delightful Diebolt

Very satisfying, well balanced taste. Excellent value. We served this champagne 3 years ago for a party and received many compliments from seasoned champagne drinkers. Since then we've kept several bottles close by for those spontaneous moments of celebration. Consistent quality, great taste...Hard to find, I've driven an hour to get this wine and do not begrudge one minute of the journey.

Da shiznit

One of only a small handful of memorable bottles I have ever had in my life. Buy a case!


Great freshness and flavor. This wine has such a direct appeal that you don't need to know a thing about Champagne or wine to enjoy it. Medium light in body with great elegance & finesse.


I am not a champagne drinker but this was a treat. I will be buying more!

Drew No Blancs

If Dave Moore says its good , that's good enough for me too !

Very good

One of the nicest champagnes we've ever tried. Beats several that we've paid over $100/bottle for.


Great taste for the price. I'm impressed.


This is what champagne is all about!

Great Champagne made entirely with Chardonnay.

Great bubbles, fresh white-fruit flavors. A winner.


Drank this on Christmas over the course of the day - opened the bottle at noon or so with smoked salmon, etc., left it open all day, and came back to it about 11 PM to finish out a perfect day. If anything, the bottle showed better. Jacques and his family consistently produce the most elegant blanc de blanc in Champagne.

Best $35 bottle Champagne ever

This wine is reportedly the house champagne of the Four Seasons and for good reason. It is a full-bodied but not overwhelming (ala Bollinger) drink, with complex flavor and near perfect balance. A great glass of bubbles!!

As good as it gets for NV Champagne

An impressive sipper and even better with food; this is a great example of non-vintage champagne. Excellent price for its quality. I opened my last bottle this weekend and I regret not buying more.

Really nice!


God, I LOVE champagne! And these people do it right! The fruit is abundant, the bubbles tiny - couldn't be better! Second tasting on 29 September: Magnifique

Loved this champagne and wish I bought more! Very drinkable with long silky bubbles. Great mineralogy with a long finish of crisp light fruit having great acidity. Goes well with oysters, risotto and cheese. Great champagne!

A Special Dinner Starter

The week before my bride's birthday, I was scouting for a very special dinner starter. A special voice (AS) whispered and pointed to this dynamic bottle. Our dinner was made exceptonally better and was noticed by the staff at Matyson. The entrees were complimented by a 1997 Jordan Cab. Great night, great grapes.

Fantastic NV Champagne

Jacques Diebolt's entry level Cramant Champagne is pale straw in color with a steady stream of tiny bubbles. Restrained aromas of green apples and citrus. Lovely crisp yet soft mousse on the palate, considerable mineral-like length. I forgot how much I missed tasting (drinking) this wine.

I love this

I will buy several more times

Bright Champagne

We give this lovely champagne 4 stars because we love it! The first time we had this champagne was at Le Bec Fin. I looked forward to to having it at home to see if it was just our lovely evening at a fine restaurant or a great bottle. We enjoy it with cheese before a meal and with risotto.Buy it by the case!

Flawless and complex

I probably tried about 6-8 different sparklers between Christmas and New Years, and this was one of the two most impressive (along with V-C Grande Dame). It is crisp and complex, superbly restrained without being severe.

fabulous, light and clear

An excellent wine to serve alone or with cheese. Not too lemony, very light and clean on the tongue.

Very Enjoyable!

This is a delicious champagne. Tiny, soft bubbles with a flavor that lasts.

Really delicious and outstanding value for the money. Good depth of flavor, nice weight.

Pure Chardonnay

The quality and purity of the chardonnay grapes just jumps right out of this wine and smacks you. Excellent, dry, acidic yet balanced.


Doesn't everyone have a bottle of champagne in the fridge? How much does it cost? 20-30 bucks I bet. Well this fits that category. Very tight and dry champagne. It is the type of champagne that people will have an impression about. One way or the other. It is produced by a small vineyard and is boutique enough for the snob appeal of hard to get. I like it cuz it drinks great. Dry not sweet which lends itself to a couple of glasses not the sip and put it down. Maybe I am a lush. This is great to serve with fish; it cuts thru salmon and crusted sea bass or monkfish. Also nice to serve with dessert of dry fruit and cheese.

Salmon surprise!

The wine was quite wonderful along with grilled salmon and used in a sauce with shallots, cream and dill. Another Moore Bros. surprise that by this time shouldn't be a surprise!

Fantastic Balance of Crisp Mouthfeel and complex layers of fruit

Enjoyed this tremendous bottle tonight. Perfect for a celebration. Taste and drinks wonderful. My wife and I have enjoyed some of the "safe" Champagne's like Jouet and Mumm. We ejoyed this much more. Fantastic balance, great for a special treat.

Great value

This is the second time I have had this champagne. It continues to impress me with its wonderfully small bubbles, somewhat light but very pleasant body with good fruit, and an almost creamy taste. Very nice. I find it to be an excellent value.

This seems a little tight at first but opens to a very nice lemon meringue pie flavor with tiny zippy bubbles. Don't serve it super cold, it picks up more nuance as it warms in the glass. I'll hold a couple of these to see how they develop.

Great way to end the week.

Although this champagne is not in the same league as the Diebolt Prestege, it's a great value and should be consumed often. Life is for celebrating!

Great bubbles

Medium dry with lots of small bubbles. Concentrated with a nice fruity finnish


Super-clean, intense aromas, a rich middle, and smoking acidity is what makes this Champagne for me. It always tastes better with a group of people, although Diebolt BB NV is one of my favorite wines to drink with sushi. Technical note: The wine is now a blend of '95 and '96 wine, from grapes harvested mostly from the grand-cru vineyards of Cramant.

Crsip, good body , tasty

My headline says it all. This champagne is a GREAT value for $30. I have to buy more! A little drier than i like but not too dry that i won't add more to my collection.

best bubbly!

This terrific champers has cool, clean almost citrussy nose and is lovely, lively, creamy and elegant on the palate. Is suprisingly persistant given its refreshing nature. A perfect aperitif or with light seafood and app's! NV Blanc des Balncs doesn't get any better!!

lovely and elegant. green apple on front, apple pie/sauce with toasted almond finish. wonderfully balanced. great buy


focused, tight, and delicious a great bottle for the price. light on the palate, but well structured--very well made wine.

Good solid champagne at this price point.

A good dry champagne, but not a particularly good value, there are much better brut's at this price.

odd but interesting taste. Still nor as good as Egly Oriet. Maybe a bit to pricey.

very effervescent and persistent bubbles. slight hint of brioche, green apple on the nose, but on the palate, not getting much. a bit disappointed for the price. 3*

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